Education is the key to success

About MU

Maakhir University Mission Statement

Maakhir University provides innovative undergraduate education that contributes to the development of Somali society and the individual and actively facilitates learning through the preservation, discovery, syntheses, and dissemination of knowledge.

Goals – Maakhir University will:

  • Provide affordable, high quality undergraduate education appropriate for the Maakhir region and Somalia.
  • Provide services and resources to promote student learning, retention, and academic success.
  • Enhance the quality of health care, agricultural output and educational institutions in the region.
  • Promote economic development through research, collaboration, and technological innovations.
  • Educate a citizenry capable of living and working effectively in global settings.
  • Support and strengthen the faculty, staff, student, and administrative governance structures in order to promote shared governance of the institution.
  • Further the intellectual, artistic, and cultural life of the community and region; and
  • Adhere to a Creed and Statement of Ethics that agrees with Somali religious and cultural standards the norms of international higher education institutions.


The Maakhir University will be recognized in Somalia for the quality and impact of its contributable capacity building, teaching, and service. Our students will be able to learn and to advance knowledge in their field of study. As the regional insist of learning, Maakhir University will set the standard for the creation and dissemination of knowledge in service to its communities, the region and Somalia.

Core Values 

  • Pursue knowledge for the sake of building community, region and nation
  • Ignite in our students a lifelong love of learning.
  • Develop innovations that make Somalia a better place.
  • Celebrate and practice tolerance and integration of communities.
  • Open the world to our students.

Faculties of Maakhir University

  1. Faculty of Educational
  2. Faculty of Social Science
  3. Faculty of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship
  4. Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology
    1. Medical/Nursing
    2. Public Health

5.   Faculty of Environmental and Natural Resources

a. Agriculture

b. Veterinary

c. Geology

d. forestry

  1. Faculty Computer Technology and Electronic Services
  2. Faculty Fisheries and marine sciences
  3. Faculty of Engineering